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Banana Ice Cream

Prep Notes

We all scream for ICE CREAM!

Well, at least I do. Seriously, on a super hot day, who doesn't want an ice cold, creamy, frozen treat that won't leave you feeling guilty or bloated and gassy for those of us who aren't really tolerant of all things dairy (I'm not naming names, pointing fingers, or looking in the mirror!)

What do YOU do with bananas that are brown and on the verge of ooey-gooey-ness?

If you answered "throw them out", then you couldn't be more wrong. Those puppies are in prime condition to be chopped up, frozen, and whipped into some ice cream! I'm sure you've seen several versions of this recipe posted all over the internet. Hey! It's easy AND yummy! Who can honestly blame everyone for posting it? Here's my super simple version. 


4-6 frozen & chopped bananas

2 Tbsp non-dairy or organic milk (we prefer unsweetened almond milk)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)

your favorite sundae toppings (the possibilities are endless)


Blend the bananas and vanilla extract in the food processor until it reaches your desired consistency. Slowly add your choice of non-dairy milk until the ice cream is smooth and creamy.

Serve it up immediately for a soft-serve experience or pop it in the freezer and enjoy it later! Add a few of your favorite toppings and I promise, you won't be disappointed!


We're huge fans of fruit, so we topped it with blueberries, pineapple chunks, and homemade grape chia jelly. Please feel free to add in some chocolate chips, a drizzle of honey, or whatever else your heart desires!


Jennifer Flanagan, Holistic Peace, LLC