Health Shouldn't Be A Battle

Why I Wear Purple

For most of my life, I've battled in my own personal hell. Every day (even on the "good" days), I was at war with the Eating Disordered voices in my head. Some days, I won. Most days, it won.

When I started my recovery process, I wore purple for my husband. At the time, I couldn't do it for myself. At the time, I didn't value myself enough. But, I loved him and I valued him. The ED was a barrier between us and Mr HP meant the world to me. I had to try.

When I was pregnant, I wore purple for the baby I was desperately trying to take care of. At the weight I was maintaining, I should've been dead. My body should've been shutting down. Instead, it was growing a life. It was giving me hope. It was giving me another reason to keep on fighting. When I gave birth to my beautiful, perfect, healthy baby boy, I wore purple for him.

I've worn purple for my friends. So many of them have struggled with finding that "happy place" between society's standards and our own. I've worn purple for my family. I want to be someone my younger siblings can admire, not someone they have to pity. I've worn purple for my fellow survivors. I've worn purple for those we've all lost along the way. I've worn purple for those that are still out there struggling with no clue where to turn next.

This year is different. This year, I'm wearing purple for me! Every day, week, month, or year in recovery is a fresh start and a new chance to grow. This year, I'm wearing it for myself. This year, I know that I'm worth it.

 There is so much left to explore in this world. I hope that we can experience it together!


This week, in honor of Eating Disorder Awareness week, I want to celebrate you, me, and all of the beautiful people that make up this world! From now through Saturday, 3/1, post a picture on my Facebook page or send it to me via private message and tell me why you wear purple.

You will automatically be entered to win Angela Liddon's cookbook AND her bonus bundle of recipes that didn't quite make the cookbook! (psst...she's the awesomeness behind Oh She Glows!)

** This was originally posted 2/2014**


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