Health Shouldn't Be A Battle

Soulful Sunday: Follow Your Heart

Ideally, I would journal daily. Realistically, it just doesn't happen. However, I do try to spend at least some time every Sunday morning reflecting on the past week, the week to come, my goals, my hopes, and my loves. Won't you join me?

Life is too short not to be doing something that you love. Are you living your dream or standing on the sidelines? What's standing in your way? Are you taking action to reach those goals or paralyzed by fear? What's the worst thing that could happen if you moved in the direction of your passion? Would you be able to handle that?

Hmmm...points to ponder.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. This is a safe place. No judgement.

Love to you all on this beautiful day ♥


I'm Baaaack!

You might (or might not) be wondering where I've been. Let me reassure you, for the greater part of a year, I have not been missing. Instead, I've been finding myself. It has not been an easy journey. There have been ups and downs. There have been tears of joy and frustration. I've invited people in and let others go. I've turned left. I've turned right. There have been steps forward and leaps back. There have been days when I stood perfectly still...silent...letting the world pass me by.

Don't get me wrong, my journey is not over. I still have so much more of this world to navigate. Nevertheless, here I stand...ready to reintroduce myself to you with a few facts.

#1. I'm a wife. Mr HP and I met a lifetime ago. It has not been easy, but our love has carried us through. We've been together for 13 years and next June, we'll celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I could give some flowery speech about our souls connecting, but I won't. I'll save the mush for another day.

#2. I am a mom. Little HP is 4 1/2 yrs and I couldn't possibly tell you where the time has gone. I know it's cliche, but he's truly my pride and greatest accomplishment. He's the love of my life. Every day, I experience an entire spectrum of emotions with him...pride, joy, frustration, love, desperation, forgiveness, and acceptance. At the end of the day, as he threads his fingers through my hair and buries his head into my shoulder for one last hug, I know it's all worth it.

#3. I am a Valentine's baby- a true Aquarian in so many respects. I might be guarded. I might seem standoffish, but I am fiercely loyal. I will do whatever I can to support you, even long after we've worked together.

#4. I am a roller coaster junkie. I LOVE the thrill, the rush, the fear, the exhilaration...Really, what more can I say? It's how I live life. I love a good schedule and thrive when I'm in a stable routine, but I NEED to shake it up to keep it interesting. Life is too short to let an adventure pass you by. I don't need it every day, but I need it filtered in between the responsible, "adult" moments. It's about balance, right?

#5. I know the pros and the cons of caffeine. Every morning, I need my cup of coffee before facing anyone (including the hubs and the kid). No matter what you say, I won't give it up and I don't expect you to!

#6. I am perfectly imperfect. I am human. I make mistakes. I stumble. I slip. I sometimes fall face first into a bowl of sour patch kids. I do my best on any given any given moment. That's all I expect from anyone else, including my clients.

So, there's just a little taste of me. I have so much more to share with, nutrition, breathing, yoga, self-care...the list just keeps growing. I hope you'll stick around and join me on this quest for balance, health, and - most importantly- happiness!